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Payment and Terms

  • Rupees 400/- for a single boy for 5 hours (Continuously) only.
  • Rupees 50/- extra for per extra hour.
  • The above rates are valid within Proper Kolkata only.
  • For Outskirts of Kolkata extra travelling fare required!
  • Payment must be made on spot or 100% in advance.
  • Please deliver leaflet at our office if you are not delivering leaflets on spot.
  • The above conditions are fixed for all(corporate / individual) and rate will be same for single or bulk requirement.
  • If you want to execute distribution on different location with a single boy on the same day then please pay the intermediate travelling cost as well.

Leaflet Distribution

The Importance in Marketing

Every business requires a marketing strategy to succeed in the business world today. However, with competition getting tougher by the day, advertising a business is a challenging job. This demands the need to find an efficient strategy that can easily increase market share and rapidly build gross sales.

For any business to flourish in its field, publicity and advertising are crucial for success. Door to door leaflet delivery is among one of the various advertising opportunities available and is regarded to be most efficient. In fact according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) "87% of consumers remember door drops, but only 35% remember email."

Leaflet & Flyer Distribution

  • This is a very reliable and proven service carried out carefully by trained and monitored individuals. If you've already made arrangements to have your leaflets printed and would just like us to deliver them then we are more than happy to do that. However our consultation on content and design is still free of charge with Leaflet Distribution Only. Everyone needs to test their marketing and a one off drop is a good way to start. Once you've tested what works best in terms of the content and the people you are targeting, you may like to consider a regular campaign for future drops.

Why Choose Us

 Over 7+ years in the industry

 Leaflet Distribution to Residential Households

 Distribution by postcode to street level

 Lower cost than news paper insertion

 Assured delivery or distribution

 Reach your target directly.