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What We do

We provide the best team for leaflet distribution in Kolkata. After a several years of experience derived from practical field work, we can deliver you the best result in leaflet promotion in Kolkata. Our leaflet distributors in Kolkata are experienced and shy less and ready to approach your customer. We explored the most effective way of leafleting among the all leafleting companies in Kolkata.

Door to Door Leaflet Distribution

Door to Door Distribution

Leaflet will be delivered to all doors or letter boxes of targeted area within time frame.

Leaflet Distribution in Corporate

Distribution in Corporate

Leaflet will be distributed to all targeted corporate house or outside of corporate offices.

Leaflet Distribution in Fair

Distribution in Fair

Leaflet will be distributed to all visitors of a fair beside the entrance gate and exit gate.

Leaflet Apartment Distribution

Apartment Distribution

Leaflet will be distributed to the resident of apartment at entrance gate and exit gate.

Leaflet Spot Wise Distribution

Spot Wise Distribution

Leaflet will be distributed at chosen spot like shopping mall, multiplex, park etc.

Leafleting Kolkata Profile

Since 2009 we are promoting business of organized sectors, many small, medium, large scale industries and individuals also. Many business planner or starter is established today and now they are our permanent client also. To get genuine result, the job should be done genuinely and that is why you need to hire a professional organization like Leafleting Kolkata.

156 - Happy Customers in 2015

11,24,000 - Leaflets Delivered in 2015

250 - Happy Customers in 2016

20,00,000 - Leaflets Delivered in 2016

300+ - Happy Customers in 2017

25,00,000+ - Leaflets Delivered in 2017

500+ - Happy Customers in 2018

100,00,000+ - Leaflets Delivered in 2018

550+ - Happy Customers in 2019 ( Running )

100,00,000+ - Leaflets Delivered in 2019 ( Running )